Sindhu Bhairavi

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Sindhu Bhairavi is a rare love story where the relationship between the man and the woman is based on an intellectual craving. JKB, an acclaimed Carnatic singer (played by Sivakumar), has a beautiful wife (played by Sulokshana) who has no knowledge of music or interest in it. He discovers a fan of his – Suhashini – a keenly intelligent woman who thrives on music. Her knowledge of music, willingness to confront him, and her musical endeavors (such as translating Carnatic songs into Tamil from other languages) wins his admiration and respect. The relationship changes him as a person and what started with an intellectual basis turns sexual and Suhashini becomes pregnant. In the meanwhile, his wife learns of the relationship and there's a familial crisis, and his love leaves town to end the crisis. Sivakumar is wrecked and becomes an alcoholic. When he makes a comeback, his wife arranges a wedding between him and Suhashini. The movie ends with Suhashini rejecting the offer of marriage and giving her newborn child to the care of Sivakumar's wife who is passionate about children but does not have one