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Shankar Narayana (Prakash Raj) is a politician driven by idealistic values and a sense of social service. His followers are his brother (Rajiv Kanakala), and supporters (Sayaji Shinde and Supreet). The people of Shankar's constituency elect him as an M.L.A. during the political realm of the late N. T. Rama Rao. Although Shankar is an ardent follower of NTR, he does not wish to join NTR's party, and establishes his own independent political empire. Shankar's dream is to see his son as a politician revered by people. During this time, Shankar meets with a fatal accident. Years later, Shankar's son Ajay Kumar (Mahesh Babu) is a daring super-cop in Mumbai. He is on a mission to apprehend mafia don Nayak (Sonu Sood), who is involved in illegal drug trade, extortion and arms trafficking. It is later revealed that Shankar actually survived the accident but ended up in a state of coma. However, this truth is hidden by Shankar's family from the people. Ajay maintains a low profile to catch Nayak. In an undercover operation in Istanbul, Ajay gets hold of Nayak's brother, Bunty (Ajaz Khan). Later, it is revealed that corrupt opposition leader Mallesh Yadav (Kota Srinivasa Rao), who is also tied up with Nayak, was the mastermind behind Shankar's accident, and had planned to derail Shankar's political empire. Ajay falls in love with Prashanthi (Samantha Ruth Prabhu), who he meets in Istanbul during his operation. Prashanthi is the daughter of Ajay's boss (Nassar), a cop who reports to the police commissioner (Suman) in Hyderabad city. When Ajay's dad comes out of the coma, doctors advise his family that Shankar is at risk if he encounters or hears anything upsetting, disturbing or shocking. Ajay hides the events surrounding his dad's accident. Ajay shifts his family to his dad's previously abandoned mansion, which is now being used for filmmaking. Ajay creates a dummy political set-up at this mansion. In the guise of a reality television program, Ajay tricks an aspiring but unsuccessful film actor Padmasree (Brahmanandam), by making him believe that the television show is being sponsored by film star Nagarjuna Akkineni's television channel, and that Nagarjuna wants to offer Padmasree very high remuneration for his realistic performance in the show. On the other hand, an aspiring actor Bokka (M. S. Narayana) is also tricked by Ajay. Ajay also tricks Mallesh Yadav with a real estate business deal, to exploit Mallesh Yadav's criminal nexus. Ajay keeps this drama under wraps from Shankar, by making Shankar believe that Ajay is now an M.L.A. revered by people fulfilling his dad's wishes. He also marries his love, Prashanthi, to make his father happy. The rest of the plot reveals the politician-criminal nexus behind Shankar's accident, the comic misadventures which lead to Shankar knowing the truth, and Ajay's retaliation to Nayak and Mallesh Yadav's political corruption. In the end, Ajay's betallion and himself reach the farmhouse, or the jungle, where the fight happens...He retrieves the life of the right-hand of Nayak, and soon barges into the farm house, traps Shayaji Shinde, who will plead for life, but will be killed from behind by Nayak, and as Ajay rushes out to capture the villain, he runs through the thick dense forest and kicks up a wooden blaze fired stick, and thrashes the bad guy's face, which froms a breath taking climax scene with lots of immense action..Nayak and Ajay get physical towards the end, and Ajay defeats Nayak, by saying, his berth is confirmed and is killed by Shankar anna ironically.