About Us

IndiaGlitz Movies is a online video service that enables users worldwide to watch streaming South-Asian content covering news, entertainment and lifestyle from any device at any time. The service includes content from Bollywood, Tamil, Telegu, Malayalam, and Kannada. IndiaGlitz Movies has a vast library of films (award winning, new-releases, classics and various genres), short films, music videos and rare comedies that are sure to be of interest to the South-Asian community. In addition to our library of entertainment that is already available to users worldwide, IndiaGlitz Movies will also work diligently to bring you additonal content every month in the form of "Internet Premiers", films that are currently "In-Theatres Now" and live television channels covering news and entertainment. Take advantage of our video-on-demand service on any browser, iOs or Android device, Amazon Kindle Fire, Samsung and LG connected TV's, Google TV and Roku via a monthly subscription. You can be assured that IndiaGlitz Movies is the legal way to watch streaming content across all of these devices. There are no advertisements or commercial breaks while watching our content and the subscription price is on par with other video-on-demand services in the industry.

IndiaGlitz got its start in 2004 and is the most popular destination for all the latest in cinema news for the south-Asian community. It has become one of the most trusted cinema portals in the country. In addition to news updates for the film industry, IndiaGlitz also caters to event coverage, celebrity interviews and video production. Our goal is to engage our audience with premium content!

Our Mission

IndiaGlitz Movies is enabling the South-Asian community to gain access and watch movies, short films, music videos, comedies and television channels covering news, entertainment and lifestyle from any device at any time!

As consumers demand more out of technology and entertainment, IndiaGlitz will be there to fill that demand! We believe in a consistent online-experience for our customers and we understand that the user-experience and quality of our content will determine our future growth.

Welcome to IndiaGlitz Movies!